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About the Editors

Christine Mallinson is Professor of Language, Literacy, and Culture and Affiliate Professor of Gender and Women’s Studies at the University of Maryland-Baltimore County (UMBC).  Her research investigates the intersections of language and social factors in varieties of U.S. English. She is the co-author of Understanding English Language Variation in U.S. Schools (2011) and We Do Language: English Language Variation in the Secondary English Classroom (2014).

Becky Childs is Professor of English at Coastal Carolina University where she is an affiliate of the Women’s and Gender Studies Program, the Interdisciplinary Studies Program, a fellow of the Waccamaw Center for Cultural and Historical Studies, and director of the Horry County Oral History and Language Project.   Her research focuses on language variation, language and identity, and language and gender in varieties of American and Canadian English.  She has studied varieties of English in the Bahamas, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Newfoundland, Canada.

Gerard Van Herk is Associate Professor of Linguistics at Memorial University of Newfoundland and director of the Memorial University Sociolinguistics Laboratory (MUSL). His research focuses on historical and contemporary non-standard varieties of English in Canada, the US, and the Caribbean, especially how they are affected by contact with other varieties, rapid social change, and identity performance. His methodological interests include working with written material (historical and online) and data sharing. He is the author of the (2012) textbook, What is Sociolinguistics?

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