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Our goal is to make Data Collection in Sociolinguistics as instructor-friendly as possible! See below for videos produced by contributors that accompany their chapters and vignettes and give deeper insight into important issues and techniques in their data collection process.

The Joy of Sociolinguistic Fieldwork (Vignette 5e)

John R. Rickford, Stanford University

In this video, Dr. Rickford discusses and reflects upon some of his most memorable experiences over the course of decades of conducting sociolinguistic interviews and shares some tips for students.

Special Issues in Collecting Interview Data for Sign Language Projects (Vignette 6c)

Joseph Hill, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

This video discusses special issues in collecting interview data for Sign Language projects. It reviews how factors such as room and chair set-up, audiological status of participants, and the ethnic backgrounds of  interviewers and interviewees can affect collecting natural samples of sign language. To download a transcript of this video, click here.

Design a Student-Led Survey (Vignette 8c)

Laurel MacKenzie, New York University

In this video, Dr. MacKenzie discusses the use of student-led surveys as a method of collecting sociolinguistic data. She describes some of the techniques she has used in her prior classes, reviewing what worked — as well as what didn’t.


Conducting Sociolinguistic Experiments (Chapter 9)

Cynthia Clopper, the Ohio State University 

This video reviews procedures, software, and equipment involved in conducting sociolinguistic experiments. Dr. Clopper describes a number of experiments that are being conducted and gives viewers a tour of the sound booth and her perception lab in the Department of Linguistics at Ohio State, as well as of the language pod at the Center of Science and Industry (COSI) in Columbus, Ohio. Special thanks to Zack Jones for his assistance with making the video.

Advances in Sociolinguistic Transcription Methods (Vignette 11d)

Alexandra D’Arcy, University of Victoria

This video discusses methodological issues in sociolinguistic transcription and features different types of software that can be used when transcribing. It was produced at the Sociolinguistics Research Lab (SLRL) at the University of Victoria; special thanks to Wyatt Galloway, SLRL manager and video editor, for his technical expertise.

Data Preservation and Access (Chapter 12)

Tyler Kendall, University of Oregon

This video discusses issues in the preservation of and access to sociolinguistic data, focusing on how to use software to consolidate data collections and how to consider short-term and long-term data management plans.

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